Shades of Gray

Many companies utilize their signature colors for the exterior and interior of their office suites, buildings, and more. But for a product strategy and design firm in Austin, Texas, just one simple hue was needed to represent the brand. Walk into the newly decorated frog design office, and the eye is immediately drawn to the bright green objects throughout the space. The colors are like a highlighter on the page, attracting attention to different architectural features of the office, including chairs around the table and panels along the wall. That shade of green is frog design’s signature color, and when lauckgroup was tasked with designing the new office, they chose to feature the distinctive shade prominently in the space. The office primarily features white and shades of gray, with a yellow used sparsely—but it is the green that really stands out amidst the gray carpeting, the white and gray desks and walls. The team made green a prominent part of the design early on in the planning process, “to pay homage to the history of the firm and those that created great products before frog.”

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  • 28 Aug 2016
  • Alfred Norris
  • 2015 Awwwards